You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up. Then tag 10 people! Don’t skip any songs! Tagged by littleblackmanifesto

1.Feel So Old-Those Nights

2.The Grudge-Tool

3.Knife Party-Deftones

4.Kids With Guns-Gorillaz

5.My Friends All Passed Out-Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground

6.This is The Life-Two Door Cinema Club

7. epaR-Earl Sweatshirt

8.Rapper O’s-Dumbfoundead

9.Electricityscape-The Strokes

10.Above You-The Whitest Boy Alive

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Salvador Dali, Apparatus and Hand, 1927
“Badla Na Zamana ,
Saddiyon kay Baad bhi…
Badlay hain Kuch Loug,
Bas Aik Hi Raat Mein…”
(via layll)

Despair - Lindsay Bernard Hall
“Agar wafa hoti khoon ke rishtho mein
Yusuf yu na biktha misr ke bazaaro mein”

If loyalty existed in ties of kinship

Then Yusuf wouldn’t have simply been sold

In the markets of Egypt.



(yet another beautiful urdu poetry – just a vague translation done randomly!)


Sitaron Se Agay Jahan Aur Bhi HainAbhi Ishq Ke Imtihan Aur Bhi Hain.Other worlds exist beyond the stars—More tests of love are still to come.
“Hansi aati hai mujhe hasrat-e-insan par… gunah karta hai khud, laanat bhejta hai shaitan par.”
Allama Iqbal (via saleha07)
! !
“I, a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe”

Richard Feynman (via hyperdimensionalkittens)

this is legitimately one of my favorite quotes.